Horizontal Mixer

The large experience linked to high technology from Carlos Becker, helpped on the manufacturing of the authentic mixer for balanced feed. Designed to meet the most stringent hygiene standards of industries that require perfect homogenization of the mixture, with the possibility of added fats and demanding quality control.

Manufacturing – Made of carbon steel or could be choose stainless steel.

Helical – Double opposite way, minimum adjust on the bottle to avoid material concentration and contamination between the goods. Doubles in the opposite direction, set minimum with the background to avoid material deposits and contamination between charges.

Axis – Reinforced with spherical roller bearings and plain bearings. Graphite gaskets retainers for sealing the axle.

Discharge – Type pneumatic drawer on shielded bearings, with openings for full discharge at every cycle.

Balance tank – Optional in the bottom of the mixer with extraction redler, thread or drag.